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Apply for a CycleMAYnia Mini-Grant for Your Event

If you're looking to register your event, do so by creating an event here on If you're looking to get a mini-grant for it, then read this blog post and complete our request form at

Whether it’s an event idea from years past, or something new you’ve just thought of, get the tools to create and host your event as part of CycleMAYnia. By joining the CycleMAYnia team, your event will be eligible for a Traffic Solutions’ mini grant for $50 to $500*. Not only can you get grant money, but you will also be included on the CycleMAYnia website and calendar, as well as printed materials all around town. We are working to support and help fund YOUR bike events!

Mini-Grants can be for events for kids and/or adults that relate to any type of cycling or bicycle lifestyle. Think rides, shows, parties, competitions, family fun, education, art, and bikes!bikes!bikes! Apply for your mini-grant by March 7, 2016 at - Mini-grants can be used to cover a variety of costs, such as:

  • Site rental (city park, gallery, etc.) to hold an event
  • Permit fees
  • Food and bike maintenance for riders at a bike-in day at your school, office, etc.
  • Material costs for community outreach
  • Incentives and prizes for event participants and winners

Events intended to raise funds that exceed the cost of the event are not eligible for a mini-grant from Traffic Solutions. Events to take place in North County (Santa Barbara County north of Goleta) are not eligible for Traffic Solutions mini-grants, (as CycleMAYnia funding is from the South Coast pool of Measure A funds). Even if you’re event doesn’t qualify for a mini-grant, ALL BIKE EVENTS in SB County are welcome to be a part of the collaboration and calendar for CycleMAYnia.

We will need the following pieces of information.

  • Dollar amount requested for mini-grant.
  • Itemized list of proposed expenses.
  • What items, funds, and/or staff time you or your organization will provide.
  • A description of your event.

For more information on coordinating and registering your event, contact:

Lori La Riva
Traffic Solutions, SBCAG
(805) 961-8919

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