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Bike to Work Challenge | May 15-19, 2017

Employers go head-to-head for highest biking participation in Bike to Work Week! 

Winners in the 2017 Bike to Work Challenge

1st Place: Santa Barbara RiteCare Language Center
(workplace tier 1-9)

1st Place: SBBIKE
(workplace tier 10-49)

1st Place: RightScale
(workplace tier 50-499)

1st Place: Yardi Systems
(workplace tier 500-999)

1st Place: UCSB
(workplace tier 1,000+)

It was a pleasure to hear from many participants about why they rode during Bike to Work Week. Some showed their workplace camaraderie and fiery competitive spirit while others took the opportunity to pull their bikes out of the garage and kick start a new (or renewed!) biking routine.



  1. Any day an employee makes a commute trip, meeting trip, or lunch trip BY BIKE raises the workplace score.
  2. The employer with the highest % of participating employees with eligible trips wins!
  3. All participants must be currently employed (FT or PT).
  4. Recreational rides (although awesome) are not eligible.
  5. Bike trips as part of multi-modal commutes (bike/bus, bike/carpool, etc.) are eligible if the bike ride is 1 mile or more.
  6. The Challenge runs May 15th-19th for National Bike to Work Week.



Employer Registration:

Employers will compete in one of five size categories, based on number of employees: 1-9, 10-49, 50-499, 500-999, and 1,000+

Email us your workplace name, total # of people employed at your workplace, and a contact person.

Employee Registration:

If your employer has completed the registration steps above:

1. Ask your employer for the SmartRide URL to create your account or find and add it in your SmartRide profile.

2. Log your bike trips on your Dashboard Calendar May 15-19. That's it!

If your employer hasn't registered:

1. See if they're on the current employer registration list.

2. Email us and we'll get them started. 


Scores can be found in real-time here:


Trip logging and scores will be shown in real time on (Traffic Solutions website for commuters in Santa Barbara County). If your workplace doesn't have an account on, email us to get added!



Participating employees for the winning businesses will receive free CycleMAYnia T-Shirts.

Winning employers will be announced in social media, a staff report to the SBCAG board of directors, and a South Coast Bicycle Friendly Business event.


The purpose of this challenge is to get on bikes, have fun, be healthy, reduce our environmental impact, and build workplace camaraderie.

Questions? Call us at 963-SAVE and choose option 1. Or email

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