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Bike Challenge 2019

This year, we're hosting the Bike Challenge on our local platform, so every employer can join for free (we're not using the Love to Ride national platform since they're charging a fee to employers this year).

How to Form a Team

We suggest that your team name be fun and clever (as usual), but also that you add your workplace name to it, e.g. our team name is "Ride on, SBCAG!"
How to Earn Points

  • Ride to and from work
  • Ride for other trips
  • Log trips on your SmartRide Dashboard
  • Team points are the sum of all the individual member points
  • SmartRide integrates with Strava to make tracking easier, info here
  • Leaderboard points will reset on May 1st, for the Challenge May 1st-31st
There are no points for recreational rides. The ride must be a work commute or a trip, e.g. to a restaurant, store, school, friend's house, etc... think in the spirit of reducing car trips!

ips & Instructions to Participate

  • Teams are 8 members each and can be a mix of coworkers, friends, and family.
  • Each team should have eight riders to be competitive (but fewer are OK).
  • Workplaces: If you'd like to track your employee participation, choose a representative to register your workplace by email. You will be assigned a unique URL, like to provid e to your employees at any point. It will ensure they're under your network umbrella.
  • Every team should have a captain who creates the team. Don't rely on one workplace coordinator to create multiple teams.
  • We suggest that your team name be fun and clever as usual, but also that you add your workplace name to the end of it. (e.g. our team name is "Ride on, SBCAG!")
  • There is no limit to the number of teams associated with your workplace.
  • Every week prize drawings will occur by email—make sure we're not blocked. *Tip, register forBike Challenge and
    CycleMAYnia emails 
  • To make participation easy, the Challenge also integrates with Strava and other apps. Link your Strava and SmartRide here.
  • Email if you have questions.

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